By Aditya RoyFeb 2020
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Top 5 Software Development Trends for 2020

The IT industry has been witnessing revolutionizing trends for the last few decades. In fact, it is one of the few industries that has witnessed consistent developments and is yet to tap new possibilities. With new technological trends doing the round every year, let us learn about a few top technological trends making names in 2020:

Given below are 5 top technological trends of 2020:

1. Artificial Intelligence

With the advent of Artificial Intelligence, machines are becoming humans. They are capable of performing complicated human tasks without any intervention by humans themselves. Artificial Intelligence integrated software systems can even think and understand user behavior like humans.

AI integrated software systems are gaining wide popularity in business due to their wide applicability. They have paved their way to every business industry. With limited human resources, business operations can be simplified and a more personalized experience is provided to the users.

2. Progressive web applications

Progressive web applications, which are a combination of mobile and web applications, are among the top software development trends due to their faster loading speed and ease of development and maintenance. This is why they have made business organizations replace mobile and web applications with progressive web applications.

3. Blockchain Technology

Blockchain- the distributed ledger technology introduced a completely new way of documentation and storage of data on the Internet. Besides being a data management system, it also helps in developing blockchain applications in the field of games, social networks, storage platforms, online shops, and so on. In a way, it is similar to the Internet.

Initially, it was mostly used in the Finance sector. But, now it has paved its way to different sectors as well. In today’s time, it is a major technology being used by several top business organizations across the world.

4. Cloud computing

Cloud computing or server-less cloud architecture is the need of the hour. With the option of performing every computing service (database, storage, networking, etc) over the Internet, more and more companies are embracing this technology to lower their operational costs. Besides, it saves memory storage in your system and also safeguards the entire database from accidental damages/deletion.

5. Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of things has made it possible to connect an extraordinary number of things to the Internet, which was only a distant dream a couple of years back. These objects are capable of representing themselves digitally and can be controlled from anywhere. Thus, useful data can be captured from several places, which helps in increasing the efficiency of functions.


With technology changing its face every now then, it has become of utmost importance for business organizations to adopt the new trends to remain intact in the game. The above-mentioned technologies are yet to be exploited to their maximum level thus giving us hopes about new and promising breakthroughs in the coming years.

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