By Aditya RoyMar 2020
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Innovative experiments in UI/UX Design to make it Interactive

In this truly competitive world of UI and UX, researchers and developers are working hard to make every design innovative.

From designing to innovation, developers are leveraging their skills to experiment with the UI and UX designs in accordance with the user’s requirements.

Now, let’s take an in-depth look at the innovative experiments that are developed in the UI and UX designs to make it look interactive and striking for the users.

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1. Storytelling Interface Design

Customization in graphics is highly demanding as it enables to tell a story or an idea in correspondence with the platform and message. With this storytelling interface design, it is beneficial to make interactions easier while setting up a strong visual that associates with the real world. Moreover, the characters of the story seem to be more alive and impactful to give users an outstanding experience.

2. Split Screens are Back again

Well, split screens were always in trend. Doubtlessly, they are one of the hottest trends, which is widely used in mobile as well as web interface designs. Of course, it has appeared to be one level-up than before along with the lively designs and amazing patterns in it. Adding on to this, split screens are back in trend for mobile and web interface because they are highly responsive in terms of content and consistency. Even, experiments can be done in color combinations too!

3. Buttonless User Interface Design

If you choose to go with the trend in UI design, then why not opt for this buttonless UI element to amaze your users? Obviously, it’s a creative and experimental design even for the developers to implement. The highlighting feature of this buttonless UI design is that it gives more space to add valuable content or information to the users to take a further step.  From a variety of buttonless UI designs, you can pick the fittest design according to your requirements and concept.

4. Combination of Bright & Bold Colors

Oh yes, color palates, another creative and innovative UI design that’s majorly used for websites and applications. With a perfect color combination of bright and bold shades, this UI design can be executed easily to make it interactive for the users. Besides the color combination, distinct fonts and typefaces can be implemented in accordance with the theme to go beyond the ordinary UI designs. Of course, it’s a creative concept to play with the contrast colors, but along with the custom illustrations and typography, this UI design will be on the top of the list.

5. Hero Banners to Catch Attention

To catch the attention of the users, the hero banners or images are good to go this year to keep up with the latest trends in UI Interface design. Hero banners are extremely effective and impactful, specifically in terms of providing information and adding appeal to the graphics. Some of the prominent advantages of implementing this design are that it will catch the attention of the user all at once, information can easily be transferred through visuals, supportive in accordance with style and theme of the web page.

So, these are some of the preeminent innovative experiments in UI design, which are known for their responsiveness and user-friendliness. Go through the above-mentioned UI designs before you plan to implement either in the webpage or an application.

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