By Arpit GautamSep 2020
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8 Amazing Technology Trends of 2020 for enterprises

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace due to exciting innovations and research & development in existing technologies. Some technology trends that we see today are becoming irrelevant in the next few months.

This advancement of technology facilitates faster business growth & progress. Many enterprises are leveraging cutting edge technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of things, Edge computing, Internet of things & more to cut costs & improve business productivity.

While these are just a few technologies, there are many other emerging technology trends in 2020 that are helping enterprises to go digital & enhance operational efficiencies. Big organizations & budding startups are heavily investing in these technologies to reap rich dividends for their business. Let’s learn about 8 enterprise tech trends in 2020 that will help small & large companies.

8 Amazing Technology Trends for Enterprises in 2020

The following are the 8 tech trends that enterprises should adopt to remodel their business activities & boost operational efficiencies in 2020:

Internet of things (IoT) – Connected Devices for a Better World

  • IoT can be simply defined as a system of internet-connected devices such as smartphones, computing devices & smart devices that transfer data via a wireless network. 
  • IoT is not a new term but its evolution has brought rich dividends for consumers & enterprises.
  • Leading reports state that by 2020, more than 21 billion devices will be connected to the internet.
  • Enterprises can leverage the IoT to gather crucial data about business operations & consumer activities. 
  • This data can then be used to cut costs, enhance productivity, improve customer experience & drive business growth. 
  • Some significant IoT technology trends are:
  1. Predictive Maintenance
  2. Blockchain-based IoT
  3. IoT for the healthcare industry

ARSR holds expertise in Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions like Industrial & Consumer IoT, Supply Chain, Operations Efficiency & Engineering Efficiency to help enterprises drive business growth.

Artificial Intelligence One of the Top trending technologies

  • AI gives computer systems the ability to think & act like humans.
  • Programs based on AI are meticulously developed by skilled programmers & incorporated into systems.
  • Such AI systems & AI-powered applications can be leveraged by enterprises to automate business processes & operations.
  • Some of the latest AI technology trends are:
  1. Personal Voice Assistants – Cortana, Siri, Alexa & Google Search.
  2. Enhanced Cybersecurity
  3. AI will be used to monitor & refine business processes
  4. More Human & AI cooperation

Blockchain Technology – Secure & Reliable Data Sharing

  • Blockchain is defined as a distributed ledger that records transactions between two entities. It is not limited to just cryptocurrencies.
  • Blockchain offers excellent security, reliability & transparency of data as compared to traditional technologies.
  • The methodologies used by the Blockchain can help enterprises to streamline a lot of internal processes. This can also enhance operational efficiency.
  • Technological advancements are also leading to more number of connected devices. Naturally, these devices share data.
  • The integration of Blockchain technology into these connected devices will dramatically improve data privacy & credibility of data.
  • Some of the Blockchain Top tech trends in 2020 are:
  1. Stable Coins
  2. Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)
  3. Federated Blockchain

ARSR is a renowned Blockchain company that offers services like Innovation Lab, Consulting & Advisory, DLT Implementation & Integration to help enterprises adopt Blockchain & maximize business productivity.

Cloud Services – Flexibility for Enterprises

  • Cloud-based services are being adopted by enterprises on a large scale to reduce infrastructure costs & promote flexibility of operations.
  • Leading statistical reports state that by 2020 more than 83% of enterprises will use the cloud to handle all their workloads. Almost 94% of enterprises are already using cloud service.
  • These numbers are going to increase due to the rapid adoption of the cloud.
  • Some prominent cloud technology trends for 2020 are:
  1. Multi & Hybrid cloud platforms
  2. Saas, PaaS & IaaS services to proliferate cloud adoption

Data Science & Analytics – Actionable Data for Business Growth

  • Data Science & Analytics continues to evolve and is one of the Top technology trends in 2020.
  • The Data Science & Analytics domain refers to the analysis of huge data sets to obtain actionable data.
  • Such important data is then leveraged to increase office productivity, enhance customer experience & improve other business-centric activities.
  • Some emerging Data Science & Analytics technology trends are:
  1. Automated Machine Learning Tools
  2. Natural Language Processing
  3. Big Data Science based on Cloud

We at ARSR help businesses to enhance their analytical services by offering EIM, Data Management, Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing Services.

Edge computing – One of the Latest Technology Trends of 2020

  • Edge computing uses IoT to enable business applications & smart devices to analyze large data sets. 
  • The data is processed on a real-time basis and is made accessible to enterprises for quick responses.
  • The edge computing-based technology also helps enterprises to reduce dependence on the public cloud. This dramatically improves the security of data as compared to remote cloud services. 
  • This trailblazing technology also reduces internet bandwidth & data latency which accelerate decision-making. It is one of the top tech to watch out for in 2020.

Robotics Process Automation (RPA) – Automation at its best

  • Robotic Process Automation is similar to Artificial Intelligence.
  • However, in this technology, repetitive tasks are automated with the help of cutting-edge software that is incorporated into machines & systems.
  • RPA helps businesses to lower their operating margins, reduce headcount & achieve a better turnaround. This also leads to better compliance & service quality.
  • Some emerging RPA technology trends are:
  1. Usage of RPA along with existing technologies
  2. AI & RPA will go hand in hand
  3. RPA will bring higher ROI in the days to come

Big Data – One of the Latest Technology Trends 2020 

  • Big Data is not a new term. However, the advancement of technologies helped Big data processes to evolve. It is an upcoming technology in India 2020 & is already helping a lot of businesses.
  • In the early days, Big data was only used by large enterprises.
  • But, the proliferation of cutting-edge technologies like Cloud & IoT along with accelerated adoption of computing & mobile devices has helped small companies & startups to leverage big data & drive business growth.
  • Some of the latest Big Data technology trends are:
  1. Enhanced predictive analysis
  2. Quantum computing
  3. Smarter Cybersecurity & Chatbots

These are 8 Technology Trends that enterprises should watch out for in 2020. We at ARSR provide cutting edge technological solutions in domains like AI, IoT, Blockchain, Data Science & Analytics, Robotics & more to help enterprises transform their business processes & achieve positive ROI.

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