By Arpit GautamNov 2020
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Why Enterprise Mobility Solution Is Important in The Online Business

In today’s fast-paced era, companies of all sizes are moving towards digitization. From bewitching websites to customer-centric mobile apps, businesses are ensuring that no stone is left unturned to achieve business continuity & accelerated growth.

So, when it comes to your online business, you would want all of these amazing benefits & more. Leveraging enterprise mobility solutions might just be one game-changing step that will drive your business to greater heights. Let’s quickly understand about enterprise mobility, its need & benefits for online businesses.

What Is Enterprise Mobility All About?

Enterprise Mobility Management empowers companies (small or large) to create & manage a remote workforce.

All the essential corporate & other forms of data are sent via mobile applications. This ensures split-second access to data at any time of the day, anywhere in the world. 

So, now, your business need not get limited to just your office space. Expand your business horizons with Enterprise mobility solutions.

You might say, companies are used to office space-centric work. So what’s the big deal with mobility solutions? Well, it is a pretty big deal for many industries like retail, marketing & accounting.

These businesses don’t necessarily depend on a central data storage facility for data collection, storage & analysis purposes. Such businesses might need field data that can be analyzed on-site to improve products/services.  Therefore, employees need to be on the move and this is where mobility solutions showcase their true forte.

People can readily access necessary data with the flick of a finger. Nowadays, most of the data is being stored on the cloud, so data security isn’t a big challenge too. That is why Enterprise mobility solutions are getting popular with each passing day.

Does an Online Business Need Enterprise Mobility?

Here are some interesting statistics about Enterprise Mobility Solutions:

  • More than 70% of employees feel that mobile is leading the digital transformation movement.
  • Almost 80% of workers state that they cannot carry out their job-related activities without mobile phones.
  • 60% of executives delay their task completion as they have to log in to multiple systems.
  • 70% of enterprise systems access via mobile apps will occur by 2020

So, as you can see, enterprise mobility solutions are here to stay & online business needs it in the days to come. Usually, businesses stick to the offline approach to maintain confidentiality & transparency in operations. However, with the advent of cutting-edge technologies like AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain & more, things have become easier & more secure.

Prominent Benefits of Enterprise Mobility Management

1. Enhanced Productivity

Just imagine this, the next business activity of an online business is stalled just because the concerned employee hasn’t made an entry/update on-site.

Now, replace a manual entry/update with an easy-to-use mobile application. No activity is stopped & business continuity is ensured since anyone can make updates on a real-time basis. No waiting! So employees can easily work more (qualitatively) in less time.

2. Excellent Scope of Business Growth

With the help of mobile solutions, companies can easily save excess resources, time & money which is typically utilized in a traditional business model.

Organizations can enlarge their horizons to reach more customers & provide a better business value proposition. No need to stay limited to the boundaries of your office space!

3. Effective Resource Allocation

As we discussed earlier, enterprise mobility solutions help companies of small/large scale to save a lot of resources. But that’s not all!

The time that was saved due to the integration of mobility solutions can be used to effectively delegate tasks among employees. You can also leverage a mobile app to effectively manage the workforce while focusing on growing your business.

This results in excellent employee satisfaction as they don’t need to chase paper-based data entry methods or in-person interactions. Everything goes digital!

4. Minimal Errors

Manual data entry is becoming a paint-point for online businesses as it is marred with costly mistakes.

However, with a mobility solution, businesses can readily eliminate such redundant processes & switch to all-digital activities. So, employees/field workers can readily collect data & enter it with just a few clicks in the mobile app. Data is readily validated as companies integrate robust error checking algorithms. Data analysis becomes easier & more accurate resulting in better insights to data which translates to robust action plans and amazing business growth.

4. Costs Reduction

If you went through all the 4 points, then you will understand that costs are reduced. How?

Since most of the basic activities can be done via a mobile app, an online business can remove redundant things like:

  • Bulky paper-storage systems (racks, folders & files) are replaced with blazing-fast data storage centers. Paper costs are eliminated
  • Data storage & access become lightning-fast which results in excellent productivity.

These are some reasons which highlight the importance of enterprise mobility solution for an online business.

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