By Arpit GautamFeb 2021
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Why Data Science Matters and How It Powers Business Value?

With each passing year, it is becoming evident that data science matterswhen it comes tosmall- & large-scale enterprises. Why?

Before Data Science came into the picture, organizations had a hard time making decisions to ensure profitability & business continuity. But, with Data Science, companies can effectively allocate their resources, ensure best practices & achieve higher profits.

But, how can data science help organizations to do all the aforementioned activities? Read on to find out!

Benefits of Data Science for a Business

Data Science Enables Organizations to Minimize Risk & Fraud

Enterprises leverage various aspects of Data Science to effectively identify data about various activities of the organization. Then they proceed to find out crucial data thattends to affect the day-to-day functioning of the organization.

With the help of this data, Data scientists create various methodologies such aspath, statistical, network &big data methodologies. Organizations then use the generated methodologies for predictive fraud tendency models. Whenever these models find unusual data, they trigger alerts which are then analyzed by the data scientists to mitigate fraud & risk.

Empowers Businesses to Deliver Relevant Products. 

One of the best benefits of data science for business is that it enables organizations to understand the success rate of their products.

Let’s take a simple example:

An XYZ company sells 2 types of smartphones:

  • One smartphone has good cameras& better durability but average hardware.
  • Another smartphone has good internal hardware but lackluster camera & average durability.

With the help of Data Science, the XYZ company can understand the feedback of customer about their smartphones, the number of sales per week/month/year, likes & dislikes of customers & other crucial data.

This data can then be leveraged to improve the new batch of smartphones so that they can seamlessly cater to the needs of the customers.

Helps Your Company to Provide Personalized Experiences

A trending fact about data science is that it enables the sales & marketing team of an organization to understand its customer base.

Based on the data received from customer interactions & the usage of products, the marketing & sales team can devise advertisements strategies, marketing plans, better products & personalized customer experiences.

How can Data Science Add Value to Your Business?

Data Science helps Organizations to Make Better Decisions

Data Science is an effective tool for organizations that want to make better decisions for the company’s growth.

Each company generates huge troves of data depending on the scale of the business. This data recorded, stored& analyzed by is Data scientists to extract crucial insights into day-to-day processes of the organization.Based on this data, the management can make better decisions that will help in driving the business growth of the company.

You Make Decisions Based on Data-Driven Proofs

Before the advent of Data Science, small & large companies used to take decisions based on their gut feeling or suggestions from business partners.

While some decisions turned out to be favorable, the rest of the decisions led to the downfall of organizations. Companies did not have the means to make decisions based on data-driven evidence. This meant that the management had to take huge risks to drive their companies toward profits.

But with the help of data science, companies can easily gather & analyze data of various business processes. This data is leveraged by Data scientists to create models for predictive actions.These models are used by companies to decide which path to take for better profits & returns.

Every decision becomes data-driven!

Test the Decisions to Ensure Accountability

Do you think that all the decisions that you make by using data science will end up in profits for your company? It might be possible that some decisions will have a negative impact on your business.

Again, Data science comes to the rescue! You can easily measure the impact of the decisions that you have taken with the help of Data Science. This enables you to be accountable & helps you to develop good business acumen.

Pushes you to Adopt Best Practices

Data Science helps you to seamlessly identify the potential for improvement across various business processes. You can leverage insights into each business activity & implement best practices to improve the productivity of your employees & the quality of your products.

This is how Data science adds value to your business. ARSR holds expertise in Data Science and provides various services such as Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence, Data Management & EIM to budding startups & large enterprises.

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