By Arpit GautamSep 2021
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Top Machine Learning Trends For 2022 and Beyond

Machine learning & Artificial Intelligence are becoming a household name in various enterprises and the tech industry. This is because, the innovative technological solutions are helping organizations drive critical decisions, create trailblazing services & products and achieve goals with ease when compared to traditional technologies.

According to leading reports, an average of 30-35 artificial intelligence projects will be in the works in an organization. Did you know? Ai/ML market is expected to grow to a staggering USD 9 billion by 2022.

This points to one fact – Machine Learning is here to stay and this amazing technology will witness a wide range of innovations & trends in 2022.

What is Machine Learning ?

Machine Learning is a subset of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence that leverages sophisticated algorithms and tons of data to mimic the way humans view objects, learn about them and improve accuracy over time.

What is the next big thing in Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a fascinating technology simply because the programs developed by experts are used to learn from examples. This is achieved by raw data collected by various teams & departments across various locations which are then fed into the program.

The program then leverages the data to seamlessly & automatically analyze and learn the structures already available in the data. Machine learning models/programs do this so that they can provide the best possible solution to the problem that you are facing.

Just imagine this – you are writing code to build a program that can write other programs itself!

So, machine learning is a branch of Ai that:

  • Leverages algorithms and data
  • To create new algorithms and data (by learning about existing systems & problems)
  • to help systems/machines make data-driven decisions &
  • mimic human-like behavior

Here are a few major machine learning trends and developments that we can expect in 2022 and beyond:

Automated Machine Learning

Traditional machine learning model development requires significant knowledge, a lot of resources and time to develop and compare numerous models for model accuracy and quality.

On the other hand, automated machine learning is all about automating the:

  • Complicated
  • Cumbersome
  • Iterative &
  • Time-consuming tasks

Associated with machine learning model development.

The biggest benefit of Automated Machine Learning or AutoML is that it enables analysts, data scientists and developers to build Machine Learning Models with efficiency, productivity and high scale – All of this while sustaining the quality of the model!

IoT and Machine Learning

The combination of IoT & ML is something that every tech professional is looking forward to. The development of IoT+ML technology & models will have a huge impact on how 5G is used considering that the aforementioned technology will make 5G its base.

Since 5G wireless technology boasts of low latency and high speeds, almost every device that leverages IoT & ML will respond quickly to changes, receive & transfer information to designated systems for data collection and further analysis.

Did you know? Every year thousands of new IoT devices are added across the network and all of these communicate with each other via the internet. Do note that more devices require more bandwidth, low latency and higher speeds. That is why 5G is critical to IoT+ML technology. This trailblazing technological solution will also ensure fewer errors and data leaks on the internet.

Enhanced Cybersecurity

Most of the applications (web & mobile) or appliances that we use on a daily basis have become smart due to the integration of Ai/ML technologies.

But, one thing to note about these appliances or applications is that they are connected to the internet. This is how they get smart – by using relevant data from the internet and native Ai/ML models to offer curated services to consumers or enterprises.

But the internet has both good and bad to it and many are using the internet to carryout cyber-attacks and fraudulent activities. However, by developing robust Machine learning-based security-increasing/anti-virus models, enterprises can secure their Ai Projects & Business Processes with ease.

If developing such ML models seems difficult then you can always avail Software outsourcing services. That way you can free up your in-house resources and use them for other critical tasks.

These are a few Machine Learning Trends that will emerge in 2022 and beyond. Developing sophisticated Ai/ML models might seem like a challenging task. But this is where ARSR technologies can help you out! ARSR is a prominent software development company in San Francisco that holds expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Development. We offer curated Ai/ML solutions to startups, leading enterprises, SMEs and high growth companies.

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