By Arpit GautamNov 2021
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Top DevOps Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the way businesses work and operate. Its effects are still being understood by business leaders and stakeholders.

Increased supply chain challenges, more remote workers are some of the things that organizations had to deal with. They even had to come up with innovative and creative ways to make things work.

In all of this chaos, it is the IT leaders and stakeholders that have benefitted the most. How?

Technology became the cornerstone that held most of the organizations and their crucial business processes together. Various technology solutions such as cloud, artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, enterprise mobility among others played a crucial role in people’s ability to continue to work, learn new things, receive and socialize.

When it comes to DevOps and DevOps professionals, the rapid shift to flexible IT systems and infrastructure has opened a world of opportunities. With anincreased focus on frequent innovations and improvements, the DevOps domain will witness a myriad of trends. Read on to know all about it!

Upcoming DevOps Predictions for 2022

1. Enhanced Automation

According to a leading report on DevOps, growth-focused firms& highly evolved organizations are more likely to have implemented extensive automation tools/applications/methodologies across various development/deployment processes. 90% of respondents who took part in the study stated that advanced DevOps practices helped their teams automate most of the repetitive tasks.

In 2022, organizations that are yet to fully evolve will sense the urgency to adopt such DevOps practices. To make sure that these initiatives work, large enterprises and enterprises will need to integrate Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence alongside automation. Why these technologies?

Machine Learning – Enterprises can incorporate ML into the delivery lifecycle to understand bottlenecks such as capacity issues and blockages.

Artificial Intelligence – Organizations can leverage Ai-based analytics in DevOps to anticipate problems and provide potential solutions.

So, Automation is one of the leading DevOps Predictions for 2022 that will be leveraged by many enterprises.

2. Increased emphasis on Security

Security of internal processes/company data is one of the most overlooked aspects. Did you know? A recent study has revealed that there is 1 security engineer for 100 developers. After looking at these numbers, you might get a faint idea of how security is given importance in enterprises.

In this digital era, almost everyone wants to move fast and look at the security part later rather than doing the right thing first i.e., securing the internal data/processes.

But times are changing.With an increase in cyberattacks and exploitation of vulnerabilities, large organizations and small enterprises are looking for ways to secure their data/processes.

In addition to that, the pandemic has forced office-based organizations to look for flexible means of working i.e.,

  • Business leaders/stakeholders working from home
  • Using public or private clouds services

While these methods reduce costs, the security of the processes/data might get compromised. And when it comes to DevOps, software development and deployment processes must be secure. So, in 2022, organizations will be focusing on improving the security of DevOps processes which will include:

Integrating vulnerability scanners in the cloud which will actively scan for any anomalies or exploits

Secure the code with standard tests or Policy-as-code methods.

Understand existing security methods, find major loopholes and mitigate most of them.

3. Hybrid DevOps

With the effects of the pandemic waning, many organizations are calling their employees back to the office. However, technology giants like Google & Amazon are thinking of something that combines the best of both worlds – Hybrid working models.

In this, employees & stakeholders can either work fully from home or they will have the option to continue working from home. There is an exception that they will have to come to the office on designated days or when required.

“Many employees want this kind of hybrid working model in their organization”

According to a leading report, by 2023, more than 70% of G2000 companies will most likely create a form of hybrid working model/structure. This is another top DevOps trends 2022 that you should watch out for.

4. Continued Cloud Adoption

Even before the pandemic changed the way organizations worked, most enterprises including tech startups were shifting to the cloud to support cloud-based applications and workflows. But, with the pandemic suddenly striking most of the countries, organizations had to shift to cloud-based platforms/services even fast.

But, simply adopting cloud-based technologies/workflows won’t help organizations evolve. A leading report attests to this fact by stating that:

“Most of the DevOps teams are using cloud-based platforms poorly”

Some of the stark results of this study point to the fact that although more than 60% of mid-evolution organizations are reportedly using the public cloud, only 20% of them are using it to its full potential.

Organizations that are looking to improve their cloud capabilities will need to consider different types of clouds. According to a recent study on DevOps, teams that leveraged multi-cloud or hybrid cloud software deployments were more likely to meet their organizational performance when compared to traditional cloud-based strategies.

These are a few exciting DevOps trends that will emerge in 2022. ARSR is a trusted Software Development Company in San Francisco that holds expertise in DevOps and offers a wide range of services like Infrastructure, Product Maintenance, Server Maintenance and Support.

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