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Social Media Analytics for Marketers

Social media has become an indispensable part of the business world. It provides a great platform for widening the customer reach of your business as around 80% of the world population is active on social media apps. This is the reason that business enterprises leave no stone unturned to make the best use of different social media platforms to reach their target audience and further enhance their customer base.

Why social media analytics?

But, how do you know if your efforts are serving the desired results? This is where social media analytics come for rescue by providing the following benefits:

  • It helps in collecting meaningful information from social media platforms that can help in taking important decisions to enhance businesses’ marketing strategies.
  • It also helps in gathering information for other web portals to have an overall comparison of all the online content of the business.
  • It provides insights to understand the experience gained by the customers with your product or service, which serves as a basis for upcoming business moves.
  • It provides businesses with engaging ideas to upgrade their brand’s social media marketing campaigns.

Some of the best social media analytics apps every business should use:

1. Keyhole

Just like a keyhole, this app offers you a peek into the customer’s mind. It shows when the customers are most active on your site to let you know when your content’s engagements are at peak. Thus, it lets you know what is the driving factor behind higher customer engagements.

2. BrandMentions

This social media analytics app performs a wide range of tasks such as brand monitoring, competitor spying, reputation management, and so on. It also provides you a detailed report on the success of your brand’s awareness campaigns.

3. Rival IQ

As the name suggests, this app helps in keeping track of your rival’s activities. One should never underestimate one’s rivals and should keep a close check on them to outperform them. The app notifies the users every time their rivals in social media platforms post any new content. Thus, appropriate actions can be taken at the right time and you do not lag behind your competitor.

4. Reputology

Maintaining a good reputation is crucial for businesses and this app takes care of the same. A negative review acts as a catastrophe for businesses and Reputology prevents the same from happening. It keeps a check on your reviews across all online platforms. Thus, you don’t need to keep a constant check on various online platforms and you can handle everything through a single app.

5. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a great social media analytics app for the management of social media activities. It helps you generate a calendar to schedule your online posts as per the most suitable times. Besides, it also keeps you updated on relevant social media conversations regarding your brand. Thus, you can learn what is keeping your customers happy and what’s not.

6. TapInfluence

Influencer marketing has gained great momentum in the last few years. It is an effective way of promoting businesses’ products and services. TapInfluence helps in searching for the right influencers for a brand by providing details regarding their digital reach, impact, rates, and other details.

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