By Aditya RoyNov 2019
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Importance of AI in Mobile Applications

The mobile app industry has witnessed a major reform in the last couple of years due to the integration of Artificial Intelligence technology. When developers foresaw the scope of AI, its applications in mobile apps tremendously increased. AI technology makes use of algorithms and calculations, which is why it is able to replace humans in many fields. It successfully takes away the excess workload from human shoulders and lets them concentrate on bigger issues.

There are several factors that highlight the importance of AI technology in mobile apps. Some of the factors are listed as under:

1. Reasonable thinking and actions

AI integrated apps are capable of reasonable thinking and actions because they have the ability to think like humans. With AI technology, apps can perform necessary actions on their own, which serve quite beneficial to the users.

For e.g., an AI integrated cab booking app is capable of suggesting a shorter route or less-congested route to the users, which will help in reaching their destination sooner.

2. Capable of making correct predictions

With AI technology, apps have learned to study user’s behaviors and make predictions based on the same. Let us take the example of a food delivery app. Based on your past orders, it learns your eating habits. And when there is a discount on your favorite restaurant or opening of a new restaurant serving your favorite cuisine, it notifies you about the same. The users might avail the offer after being notified, which otherwise they had no idea about.

3. Suggest relevant content to the users

Every user/customer is different and has unique tastes and preferences. This is the reason different users have different expectations from the same app.

Earlier mobile applications did not have the feature of suggesting content to its users. Let us take the example of a NEWS app. When they were first introduced, users need to search on their own for the genre of NEWS they are interested in. Nowadays, the apps themselves suggest the users every time new content is available that suits their interest/preference.

4. Personalized experience

If we take the above three points into consideration, an AI app is automatically able to provide a more personalized experience to the users. If there is a sudden change in the behavior of a user, the same can also be identified by AI technology. In short, every move of the users is being studied with a view to making the application perform as per their preferences.

5. Fewer chances of errors

Mobile apps have paved their way to every industry. They also find a place in Finance, Defense, Space, and other confidential areas. These being highly sensitive areas of business, not a single error can be afforded in their operations. AI integrated apps play a crucial role in such fields because they can perform tasks with a high degree of precision and accuracy.

6. Mundane tasks are easily performed

With AI integrated applications, monotonous tasks can be effectively performed without affecting productivity. Loss of productivity can severely affect business performance. There are many companies, which have replaced human resources with mobile apps for performing monotonous tasks to keep their employees away from boredom.

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