By Arpit GautamJul 2021
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How Is Technology Changing the Future of Logistics ?

Technology has been powering various industries & allied organizations for many years now. As soon as new technology arrives, organizations determine its potential and if it fits their expectations then they start leveraging innovative technologies to minimize costs, improve operational efficiencies& drive growth. After all, every enterprise wants to achieve more output with less or optimized input.

Organizations have the same expectations when it comes to logistics. Increased focus on innovative technologies are improving supplychain activities. This is resulting in reduced costs & errors, improved productivity. Such technologies are helping improve various areas of the logistics industry like – Supply Chain Management, International Transportation, Shipment Tracking, Trucking Transportation and many more.

Read on to know about 5 exciting technology advancements that are going to change the future of logistics.

Technologies that will Transform the Logistics Industry

Internet of Things (IoT)

Let’s go 10 or maybe 15 years back. Did you ever imagine during those days that there will come a time when you can operate various appliances of your home such as a heater, air conditioner, TV or others from a small handheld device called a smartphone?

Well, it is a reality now!

Nowadays there are many organizations that manufacture advanced devices (ACs, ceiling fans & more) with inbuilt sensors, Wi-Fi capabilities & other technologies. This is made possible due to the introduction of IoT.

Internet of Things or IoT isn’t just limited to appliances at home. This amazing technology is helping logistics companies reduce costs, avert delays, minimize risks & optimize business processes.

IoT sensors are optimally built into cargo ships, trucks, cabs, trains and other forms of transportation. These sensors relay data about the products being shipped, the ideal ETA, expected delays, information about the vehicle as well as the crew.

IoT isn’t a new term as it was being used previously for basic purposes. However, many organizations are realizing the impact of technology on logistics activities and they see IoT as a stepping stone to accelerated & optimized various logistics processes.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Having difficulty tracking your inventory? Well, RFID is an exciting technology that is simplifying the entire process of inventory tracking.

This technology is very simple to understand – you place a sensor or a tag on your products. These tags emit a certain frequency of radio waves. These radio waves are basically sending data that is seamlessly received and processed by the company.

RFIDs can be likened to bar codes but RFIDs are much faster and useful for businesses that don’t want to spend time scanning each and every product. Nowadays, many organizations (of the apparel industry & others) are leveraging RFIDs instead of barcodes to effortlessly monitor containers stored in distribution warehouses.

Autonomous Drones & Trucks

Many people might have been sceptical when Elon Musk announced that all the Tesla model vehicles manufactured in the factory will have self-driving capabilities.

Fast forward to 2021 and many people are safely using the technology to make their drives more comfortable and safer too!

What changed the perception?

The evolution of technology! Duh!

Autonomous cars are a reality now and it won’t be long before trucks are automated to accelerate and streamline the transportation of goods.

Even Amazon is using drones to securely deliver packages to its customers. Although drone deliveries might hit regulatory measures in other parts of the world, you’ll certainly see drones getting mainstream in the logistics industry in the next few years!

Shipment Tracking Systems

When you look back at the last decade, you’ll realize that when a person had to order something, they had to place the order after which they were given an estimated delivery date. After that, no further communication till you receives your product.

So real-time tracking was missing!

You simply couldn’t check the status of your order if you wanted to.

But, due to the proliferation of the internet coupled with advanced mobile devices, sensors & real-time tracking systems, you can easily check the status of your order with a few simple clicks on your smartphone.

Technology has certainly redefined each aspect of logistics services.

These are a few effective ways through which modern technology is transforming the future of Logistics.

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