By Arpit GautamSep 2021
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How is Artificial Intelligence Transforming the World?

The many benefits of Artificial Intelligence have made innovative technology a mainstay in major organizations, FMCG companies, healthcare facilities, manufacturing units and other leading enterprises. Even the smartphone that you use daily has some sort of Ai integrated into it to make your entire user experience more fluid and personalized.

So, to put it simply, Artificial Intelligence is being actively implemented across various industries to positively transform the way the world. You must’ve come across Ai-powered assistants (Google Assistant & Siri), Ai-powered dating apps that help you find that perfect mate or Ai-powered devices like Alexa that recognize your voice and carry out the instructions that you provide. Well, these Ai-powered solutions have been around for a few years now. But technologies change and innovations happen almost every day!

So, how exactly is Ai transforming the world for the better? Read on to find out!

How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming the World?

1. Rise of Smart Cities

To put it simply, a smart city is an urban area that depends on communication & information technologies to support governance structures, build economic growth and improve quality of life.

Some simple applications of Artificial Intelligence in a smart city are:

  • The interconnection of energy grid systems and transport
  • Building energy-efficient buildings that are sensor-equipped
  • Developing Ai-powered communication systems that improve monitoring of emergency, healthcare and public services.

Other exciting applications of Ai Technology include Smart Waste Management, Smart Traffic Management, Smart Parking, Smart Lighting, Smart Governance, Smart Power Grid and many more!

These innovative Ai solutions are nudging Governments and leading organizations to turn to top IT outsourcing companies that can develop cutting-edge Ai solutions at lower costs as compared to in-house development teams.

2. Ai is Redefining the Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry has been slowly but steadily adopting Ai in its efforts to digitize business processes. However, the occurrence of a global pandemic accelerated the adoption of Ai by various businesses in the real estate industry.

This is why the applications of Ai in the real estate industry are increasing at a rapid rate. According to a leading report, the Artificial Intelligence Industry will reach a whopping 190 Billion dollars by 2025 which will eventually have a positive impact on the real estate industry.

Some of the most common applications of Ai in real estate include helping property managers, investors, clients and brokers to make better business decisions which will lead to better results!

Did you know? Many property managers have been leveraging traditional property management software and tools to manage their daily activities. Since Ai is advancement and extension of the existing technology, many property managers can seamlessly adopt Ai to improve existing tools/software which in turn will make day-to-day tasks even easier!

Interesting fact: Ai-powered chatbots are streamlining the communication between leasing agents and prospective renters which in turn is proving to be a boon for over burdened leasing agents.

3. Healthcare Industry has dramatically Improved due to Ai

Over the past couple of years, mankind faced unprecedented healthcare challenges in the form of the covid-19 pandemic and various other healthcare issues. In addition to that, many countries and governments are facing societal issues like urban congestion, aging population and unequal access to healthcare.

To address these issues, authorities often depended upon traditional systems until Artificial Intelligence came to the fore. Ai is being increasingly leveraged in healthcare systems and infrastructure to improve the quality of services provided to the people.

Take this for instance: China has developed an innovative healthcare system that goes by the name Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS). This system has been developed by Baidu and the technology is based on Knowledge Graph Technology & Medical Natural Language Processing.

These cutting-edge Ai-powered solutions are acting as real-time assistants that are helping doctors to accurately recognize symptoms and offer relevant treatment options. The best part about this Ai-powered solution is that it is bringing the resources and the expertise of high-quality medical institutions to local clinics and hospitals due to which quality of healthcare is steadily improving.

Such Ai-based solutions can be built in other developed & developing nations which can dramatically improve the quality of healthcare provided to people.

These are a few ways through which Artificial Intelligence and allied technologies like Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing are transforming the world for the better.

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