By Arpit GautamOct 2021
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Future of Cloud Computing: 7 Trends & Predictions about Cloud

In this digital era, everyone including small & large organizations want things to be done on the go. Be it shopping, ordering your favorite food or storing data. This is where cloud computing comes into the picture.

Although, organizations were slowly shifting to cloud to increase productivity, boost revenue and optimize processes, the sudden appearance of the covid-19 pandemic accelerated Cloud adoption.

Now, almost every organization in depending on the cloud services one way or the other. So, what does the future of cloud computing look like? Read on to find out!

7 Upcoming Cloud Computing Trends & Predictions

1. Enhanced Storage for Ever-growing Needs

In this digital era, huge amounts of data is being generated, stored and managed. Before cloud came into the picture, most of this data was stored on hardware devices like storage centers, hard disks and pen drives.

But, with cloud, enterprises can now store data on the go. All they need is a simple internet connection (storage upload/download will depend on internet speeds).

However, cloud storage facilities are not completely free. With a free plan, you get a nominal storage capacity. But, many third-party service providers are charging a premium for increased storage demands ranging from (100 GB to 1TB and even more!)

These enhanced storage facilities will continue to evolved in the days to come.

2. Improved Internet Performance

Since cloud computing services and storage facilities require internet (high-speed), enterprises, SMEs and even startups will demand high-speed internet connectivity.

This will drive Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to ramp up their capabilities to offer uninterrupted and high-speed connectivity to organizations.

3. Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud

Internet of Things has been around for many years now. However, this exciting technology is now finding a variety of application in the Cloud Computing industry.

With IoT+Cloud, enterprises can seamlessly automate a variety of tasks, eliminate unnecessary bottlenecks and optimize existing processes to make huge gains (in terms of productivity and revenue).

4. Improvement in Security of Cloud Services

Security of Enterprise data is the need of the hour. Why?

You must’ve heard about various hacks, malware and vulnerabilities (of computers, servers & even cloud services) which are being exploited:

  • to steal precious data
  • hinder day-to-day activities of an enterprise
  • Sell the stolen data for huge amounts of money
  • Demand ransom for returning the stolen data
  • And other malicious activities.

Third party cloud service providers have already taken cognizance of this and are ramping up their security features. This will ensure that no data breaches happen thereby encouraging organizations to seamlessly accelerate their cloud adoption strategy.

5. Variety of Cloud Services

Third part cloud computing service providers are now offering a variety of cloud services like:

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

As the names imply, each service is for a specific set of businesses or companies. Organizations can choose a service according to their business needs, pay the relevant fee and start using the services.

No need for cumbersome offline setup/installs. In the future, more of these services will come to the fore which in turn will help organizations reduce costs, improve productivity and drive growth.

6. Cloud will get more cost-effective

As we can already see, cloud is a much more cost-effective way to store, manage and analyze data. That’s not all, organizations can now build and run sophisticated software/applications faster as compared to traditional software/application development.

All of this points to the fact that cloud reduces costs. This trend will most likely improve in the days to come where cloud costs can drastically go down thereby giving various organizations a competitive advantage over those who still haven’t adopted cloud.

7. Exciting Future Changes are in Store!

The cloud computing market is already witnessing massive improvements and innovations. This trend will continue for the next few years as more and more companies are showing an increased interest in adopting and leveraging cloud-based systems/solutions.

These are 7 exciting predictions and future trends of cloud that have the potential to change the way organizations function.

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