By Arpit GautamOct 2021
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Exciting IoT Trends and Predictions to look out for in 2022

Internet of Things (IoT) was developed and marketed as a futuristic technology that can change the way people & technology communicate with each other. While IoT redefined communications & collaboration, its applications now including streamlining data analytics and integrating Ai to optimize processes, eliminate bottlenecks and improve productivity.

IoT is actively paving the way for the introduction and proliferation of smart technologies. So, what are some exciting IoT Trends 2022 that you should know about? Read on to find out!

Top IoT Predictions and Trends to look out for in 2022

IoT with Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR)

IoT is redefining the AR/VR market with cutting-edge solutions for the future. Innovative IoT solutions built in 2022 and beyond coupled with AR/VR will bring together digital and the physical worlds. These solutions will help tech startups, SMEs and large organizations to seamlessly apply IoT data in AR/VR technologies and reap benefits like new opportunities, reduced costs & increased profits.

In the coming days, organizations that combine these trailblazing technologies may be able to educate stakeholders about virtual proto types of equipment and products. This will help in preparing various effective strategies to improve productivity and drive business growth.

Integration of IoT in the Healthcare Industry

For the past few years, the healthcare industry has been tinkering with the idea of integrating IoT into healthcare services. And now, this industry is one of the forerunners when it comes to IoT adoption & innovation.

With the help of IoT, various types of healthcare products like wearable sensors, tracking devices & indoor navigation technology are being discovered. IoT systems can also be integrated with health monitors & sensors to improve the lighting systems.

Improved Customer Service

IoT is primarily leveraged to obtain/extract useful information in real-time. With this technological solution, organizations can seamlessly improve Customer Resource Management (CRM) systems. How is this made possible?

With sensors and detectors integrated into appliances and devices, companies can seamlessly get all the information about the devices without the customers even knowing about it. They can then trigger CAPAs (Corrective & Preventive Actions) which will certainly improve customer service. This IoT trend will most likely continue and improve in 2022 and beyond!

Enhanced Security with IoT

Cybersecurity is an important topic that is being discussed in this digital era. Be it 2021 or 2022, organizations will put more impetus on securing their internal networks and data.

Many studies have pointed out that IoT network hacking will become a common thing in 2022. Therefore, more and IoT service providers will focus on increasing the security of IoT sensors/devices so that organizations don’t have to cut back their IoT spending.

Optimized & Transformed Business Models

There are many case studies, experimental reports and proofs wherein SMEs and large organizations have successfully implemented IoT to improve their business models. IoT facilitates the extraction of credible information in real-time, is used in data analytics to obtain actionable insights, streamlines communication & collaboration which in turn drives growth. IoT is also being increasingly leveraged to automate various processes which help in eliminating bottlenecks and optimizing processes. As IoT advances, more and more organizations will integrate IoT, Ai and allied technologies to transform their business models and reap amazing profits.

Excellent Workforce Management

The onslaught of the pandemic forced many small & large organizations to go remote. They heavily invested in cutting-edge technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, 5G and Automation tools to simplify remote work. But, the addition of IoT alongside these technologies in 2022 can help companies streamline remote workforce management and improve productivity. Some of the futuristic applications of IoT technology include the utilization of beacons & sensors in customer service and employee safety protocols.

These are a few exciting IoT trends & predictions for 2022 that you should watch out for. ARSR is one of the prominent IoT Development Companies in San Francisco which offers a variety of IoT-related services like Operations Efficiency, Consumer & Industrial IoT, Supply Chain and Engineering Efficiency to various tech startups and leading enterprises.

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