By Arpit GautamNov 2020
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Enterprise Mobility Solutions- A Smarter Investment for Higher ROI

Innovative Enterprise mobility solutions are proliferating the ease of use among many small & large organizations. Employees can readily establish communication with management or access data remotely from almost any location at any time of the day.

So, let’s look at some exciting statistics about enterprise-based mobility solutions and some important reasons which are prompting enterprises to go mobile.

Some Amazing Stats of Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Enterprise mobility has proliferated mobile-enablement. Not only that, it has improved enterprise activities like data collection & data management by automating them. Let’s look at some wonderful stats about enterprise-based mobility solutions.

  • By 2021, In terms of revenue, the Enterprise mobility market is expected to rise to a tune of USD 430 Billion.
  • More than 35% of employees state that an enterprise mobility solution has the potential to change traditional workplaces. They even accept the benefits of this amazing solution.
  • Almost 5% of organizations admit that they need an enterprise-specific mobility solution.

While these staggering statistics point out to the fact that Enterprise mobility is lucrative, there is more to it than meets the eye. Let’s look at some prominent reasons that are nudging enterprises to adopt a mobility solution for the long run.

How Can Mobility Solutions Help Achieve Higher ROI?

Seamless Communication

If you look back 5-6 years, you will notice that most of the employee communication was done via emails or desktop/laptop-based communication portals. While these are some good ways to communicate with colleagues, there are 2 challenges:

  • Your unavailability during the times of need can raise disputes.
  • Communication becomes complicated when you are not in the office because you need to be by your desktop/laptop to send an email.

But this is where a mobility solution comes into the picture. Since this solution is mobile-enabled, employees can readily communicate with each other thanks to the easy yet seamless chat mechanism. You can chat from virtually anywhere and establish communication with employees. But here’s the fun part. You can:

  • Remotely report to your manager
  • Delegate tasks
  • Check about the status of a particular task.
  • Reply to a specific workgroup
  1. Real-time Data Sharing

Traditional enterprise data sharing activities were considered to be very rigid. Employees/Clients/Managers had to prepare offline records for which they had to search for relevant information that was normally found in paper-based forms/records/files/registers.

However, enterprise mobile apps change the entire landscape of data sharing. By leveraging the innovative cloud technology coupled with blazing fast internet speeds (WiFI, 3G, 4G & 5G), people can readily share data with a few clicks. This results in more work in less time which seamlessly translates to Higher ROI.

  1. Enhanced Productivity

As we saw in the previous point, employees/clients/managers are empowered to do more work in seemingly fewer time thanks to the innovative mobility solutions. Such mobile apps also boast of a gamut of features/tools which help people to work efficiently.

Push notification is one such amazing feature that lets the workforce stay updated about the daily activities in the enterprise which usually comprises – Assigned tasks, deadlines, scheduled meetings, conferences & more. 

  1. Better Employee Participation

Typically, employee feedback is given in one-on-one interactions. While this is the norm in almost any enterprise, there are many times where managers/supervisors hesitate to give feedback at the workplace about a particular task. 

Reasons – 

  • They might feel dejected.
  • They might take some feedback too personally.
  • Disputes can arise if feedback gets too pushy and frequent.

But, with an enterprise mobility solution, employees, as well as managers, can readily express their views. If you want to make an announcement or share data about a particular task, then you can easily do it with the help of a mobile app – No waiting!

Another benefit of an enterprise app is that it facilitates the mobilization of organizational projects/assignments. So, a personalized mobile app that was developed in such a way that it takes into account every aspect of employee activity enables the workforce to operate at higher levels of efficiency resulting in boosted productivity.

  1. Hassle-Free Records Maintenance

Managing paper-based records is a huge challenge. It adds additional expenses in the form of hiring employees just to maintain the records/files. Such personnel also need to ensure the validity of the data being entered which consumes a lot of time.

With Enterprise apps, all of these concerns are addressed thanks to cloud technology and robust data servers which store data. So, now any employee/client can readily access the data which has already been validated with the help of complex yet robust data entry algorithms.

  1. Excellent Security

Integrating a multi-layered security system in an enterprise mobile app helps you to secure the data of your organization with ease. You can also incorporate cutting–edge technologies like Blockchain & AI to enhance data reliability as well as security.

These are some prominent reasons why an enterprise should invest in a mobility solution to achieve higher ROI.

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