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AI-Based mobile app development is bound to grow in the coming decade

After revolutionizing the world of mobile apps in 2010, AI-based mobile apps are all set to create an impact in 2020 as well. The decade has just started, and AI personalization is already overpowering the mobile application development world.

The pace at which this shower of AI-based mobile app has started, over 4500 applications funneling into the application markets across different platforms! Truly mesmerizing, isn’t it? 

Let’s shed some more light on it!

  • Machine learning and AI

Though AI is a new phenomenon to hit the market as far as mobile app development is concerned, Mobile App Development Companies are adopting it faster than ever! Alexa skill development companies and other developers seem to be focusing their attention on it, on a priority basis.

  • Cloud-based integration

Cloud-based mobile app development is going to make the process of app distribution better and these apps are therefore going to take less space on your smartphone, enhancing their capability. This ensures the overhead costs to come down because of the hosting of apps involved, thereby increasing the overall profit generated by mobile apps.

  • Better analytics

AI-based mobile apps are going to incorporate new perspectives into the environment. Services are going to better the decisive moves of a company, making them more intelligent and well planned. Moreover, these apps ensure the internal communication is better, serving their organizational goals better.

  • Integrating AI with VR

Augmented Reality or AR-based intelligent apps provide a visual experience to people like nothing else has ever done. This is the prime USP of Artificial Intelligence being added to mobile apps. Studies state that this decade is going to see a rise in AR and VR based apps, reaching over 1500 million apps.

  • Instantaneous revolution

Instant apps though still in their infancy testing stages have entered the world of Android. These apps have no requirements to be installed on to your smartphones at all, yet they can be accessed by you whenever you need to use them.

  • IoT

The Internet of Things has been trending in the markets since 2017. It only seems practical that it is going to grow even further this year. Home and kitchen appliances, lights, everything is surrounded by IoT today.

  • Geo-based applications

AI also affects location-based apps by making the search process easier for you. Anything near you can be found easily on these apps with the help of virtual assistants like Siri, Cortana, Alexa, and Google Assistant. These assistants detect your location with the help of your smartphone, synchronize itself to the same and give you your desired search result.

Evolving the world and making it better at every step! 

Though more and more app trends and technology trends are coming up through the years, AI specifically is set to rise more during the coming times. These mobile apps take the help of basic user data like their location, contacts, types, and levels of interaction, behavior, and mannerisms, and use the same to serve the users better each day. 

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