By Arpit GautamMar 2021
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8 Artificial Intelligence Technologies Your Enterprise Needs Today

Artificial Intelligence Technology is making giant strides with each passing year. Many small & large companies are increasingly using Ai for a wide range of business process. So which Ai technologies will your enterprise need today? Read on to find out!

8 Artificial Intelligence Technologies Your Enterprise Needs Today

1. Platforms that Offer Deep Learning

Deep Learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence Technology that relates to a set of highly sophisticated algorithms & functions which mimic the functioning of the human brain.

Let’s take a simple example: Your enterprise’s employees generate vast amounts of data from various locations. If you sit down & try to manually extract relevant information from these huge data sets, then you might have to spend many years!

This is where Deep Learning comes into the picture as it possesses the necessary algorithms&featuresof Ai that will seamlessly unravel large sets of unstructured data which will help you to gain insights.

2. Machine Learning

Machine Learning is one of the most widely used Ai technologies by enterprises. Why?

Platforms that offer machine learning capabilities comprise development tools, algorithms, model deployments, APIs & many other exciting features that can be seamlessly leveraged to improve organizational efficiencies.

Just imagine this – You don’t have to hire a horde of employees to carry out each & every business activity. Instead, you can hire a few employees while leveraging machine learning technology in computers. These computer systems will learn about various aspects of your business & help you to simplify your business processes. Many tech startups & large enterprises like Microsoft, Amazon & Google are effectively leveraging Machine Learning for a variety of business purposes.

3. Natural Language Processing

As the name implies, Natural Language Processing (NLP) refers to a type of Artificial Intelligence Technologythat deals with the manipulation of language (speech or text) with the help of sophisticated software.

NLP leverage Ai to seamlessly understand written or spoken language. You might have come across innovative virtual assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana & Alexa that easily understand your instructions & give you the desired results.

These kinds of Ai Technology can be widely used in customer service, support services, transactions & other forms of service. Additionally, NLP showcases the huge potential for enterprise applications.

4. Efficient Virtual Agents

Terms like Virtual Assistants, Virtual Agents or Intelligent Assistants are used interchangeably because all of these applications of Ai serve one common purpose – to help out people.

Many people try to differentiate between Virtual Assistants & Virtual agents by saying that:

  • Virtual assistants are more of like a personal assistant just like Google Assistant or Siri that answers our basic questions & carries out our instructions on the smartphone like playing a song, calling a number so on & so forth.
  • On the other hand, Virtual agents are leveraged to provide assistance to customers.

So, what do virtual agents do? These virtual agents are developed by a computer that possesses Ai capabilities. These agents can be easily used to have intelligent conversations with people.

The virtual agents can seamlessly respond to basic consumer queries. Apart from that, it can also perform non-verbal behavior. Additionally, customers can reach out for help 24/7 & don’t have to wait till morning to get help from a customer service agent.

5. Ai Technology that Generates Natural Language

Natural Language Generation or NLG software is one of the most exciting artificial intelligence examples that typically converts various types of data into readable text for humans.

Although currently there aren’t many applications that you will find about this technology. However, this Ai technology has immense potential with exciting applications like automating financial reports, business intelligence reports, meeting memos, product descriptions & more.

NLG technology enables you to seamlessly create customized ad hoc content at a minimal cost. Generating text from structured data at high speed can be a boon for enterprises who want to create customized content for their customers.

6. Seamless Speech Recognition

As the name of the technology implies, you can easily leverage computer programs to recognize & analyze words as well as phrases. These spoken words can then be seamlessly converted into data.

Enterprises can leverage speech recognition for voice search, call routing, speech-to-text processing & voice dialling. This technology is fairly new & it might not be able to recognize every word/phrase/sentence if it is spoken in a different accent. However, technologies improve over time & the same will happen with Speech Recognition due to its Ai capabilities.

7. Hardware that boasts of Integrated AI

These technologies mostly include Ai integrated appliances like GPUs (Graphics Processing Unit), Chips & other products. As of now, Ai integrated hardware is being leveraged for consumer applications such as an improved level of gaming or generating exciting entertainment content.

Such technologies will be leveraged in the future for deep learning & major companies like Nvidia, IBM, Intel & Google will be the front runners when it comes to products that boast of integrated Ai.

8. Effective Decision Management Technology

Enterprise Decision Management or Business Decision Management comprises various aspects of building, designing & managing automated systems which will help you to make accurate decisions. This Artificial Intelligence Technology is usually leveraged by organizations to seamlessly interact with suppliers, employees & customers. The main focus of such technologies is to leverage all the information of a particular business or an enterprise to optimize operational decisions (better choices, improved agility, excellent precision & consistency) by obtaining clear insights.

These are 8 Ai Technologies that Your Enterprise Needs Today. ARSR provides various Ai-based services like Customizations, Strategy & Consulting, Development, Implement & other Ai services to budding startups & large enterprises

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