By Arpit GautamAug 2020
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5 IoT Trends that Enterprises Should Watch Out for in 2020

The Internet has brought sweeping changes in how we live our life & do our work. Activities like ordering food, delivery services, booking appointments & more have become simpler due to easy & quick access to the internet.

Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine life without the internet as many aspects of our day-to-day life are connected to the internet. With the advent of IoT (Internet of Things) & rapid advancements in technology, things will stay connected, empowering common people & businesses to conduct their activities seamlessly.

A crucial part of IoT Technology is its ability to transfer information via the internet without any intermediaries. In addition to that, innovative ideas are bringing newer concepts to the fore such as smart homes, intelligent sensors & others that can transfer information & act on it without any human interaction. Read on to know about the 5 IoT trends to watch in 2020 that will take the world by storm.

What are the Trends of IoT That Will Dominate the Year 2020?

Here are 5 IoT Trends that enterprise & businesses should take note of:

IoT will revolutionize Healthcare Industry

Healthcare industry can reap the many benefits of IoT enabled devices:

  • With Wearable devices, doctors or consultants can easily converse with patients. They can also check the vitals of the patient.
  • With Mobile Apps, people can schedule appointments with doctors.
  • Sophisticated devices such as heart monitors & pacemakers can save lives.
  • Other amazing applications include ECG monitoring, Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM), Connected Contact Lenses & more.

Adoption of Blockchain in IoT-enabled devices

Blockchain can do wonders for IoT devices:

  • Seamless tracking of connected devices & process coordination between devices.
  • Excellent safety & reliability of data due to Blockchain.
  • Blockchain & IoT will be adopted in Supply Chain & Logistics, Automotive Industries & others to ensure transparency & accuracy of data.

IoT will boost Predictive Maintenance

IoT & allied devices will enter homes with trailblazing solutions:

  • The future of IoT 2020 is smart connected homes. Intelligent sensors inside & outside of the house will become prevalent.
  • These sensors will warn owners of any system malfunctions, electrical problems & other issues so that owners can take care of them.
  • Such sensors can be used in factories & other manufacturing sectors to enhance maintenance work.

Artificial Intelligence & IoT Will Bring Revolutionary Innovations

Amazing innovations will emerge in 2020 thanks to AI & IoT:

  • Smart Retail – Leveraging camera systems to check customers’ entry & exit in shopping malls & other shopping stores. Other systems can gather product preferences of a customer, their gender & age which can be used to offer customized services.
  • Drone Traffic Monitoring by using AI & IoT to manage heavy traffic roads.
  • Other applications of IoT & AI include Fleet Management, Autonomous Vehicles & Delivery Robots.

Audio & Video Interfaces

Advancements in IoT have brought some amazing audio & video software as well as devices to the fore such as:

  • Smart Home devices like Google Nest, Amazon Echo dot & others
  • Google Assistant, Cortana, Siri & other voice assistants
  • Speech to Text converting software like Dragon Naturally & more.

These are a few amazing IoT Trends that will emerge in 2020. Leveraging these upcoming IoT advancements will surely help enterprises to provide personalized consumer experiences while maximizing revenue generation & operational efficiencies.

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