By Arpit GautamAug 2020
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5 Emerging Mobile App Development Trends of 2020

Mobile applications have come a long way from basic applications like calendars & calculators to sophisticated ones like Hotel booking or Business automation apps. Leading enterprises, startups & small businesses are developing mobile applications to gain a wider audience & improve their brand visibility.

But, why are companies putting in so many efforts? The answer is mobile devices/smartphones. These portable devices have been adopted by people on a large scale. Most of the people use mobile applications in their phones to carry out a lot of their daily tasks. By analyzing this potential, companies started putting a lot of capital into Mobile App development so that they can tap into the market & increase their revenues.

There are many mobile application development trends that are utilized by organizations to make their mobile apps better. Let us look at 5 high priority mobile app trends that will be widely used by companies in 2020.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)

AI & ML go hand in hand & are the most talked-about mobile apps trends 2020. Integration of ML & AI into a mobile application can do wonders for an enterprise. Mobile apps can easily learn user activities & their behaviors via daily usage patterns to offer a personalized app experience. Some of the AI & ML trends for mobile apps that will emerge in 2020 include user behavior prediction, AI-enabled face unlock, improved cybersecurity, seamless language & voice translations, smart camera functionalities and more!

5G wireless technology

5G technology is steadily gaining momentum due to its immense benefits for everyone. Trials & Testing by leading telecom networks shows that 5G Networks are 100 times faster than the current 4G Networks. Mobile applications can leverage these amazing features to provide users with a gamut of benefits. Great speeds, lower latency & improved number of connected devices will ensure that consumers can avail a truckload of services with the click of a button. Future applications of 5G technology comprise 3D gaming, Augmented reality & Data security. Companies should keep 5G in mind while undertaking mobile app development to take full advantage of it.

Internet of Things (IoT)

While IoT is not a new term, it is gaining more & more traction due to the seamless adoption of mobile devices & applications. In addition to that, the introduction of 5G network & improved Wi-Fi is making the internet readily accessible for everyone. So, if you forgot to lock your door and are out, you can lock it with just a single click on your smartphone. Well, how can you do that? Just install an IoT app on your phone & have an IoT powered lock system with a stable internet connection. It’s as simple as that. Future predictions of IoT technology include IoT in healthcare, development of Smart homes & cities, Smart automobiles and much more.

Cloud Based Mobile Apps

Cloud technology has immense potential & can be seamlessly integrated with mobile applications. Its usage is relatively low in mobile apps, but the cloud platform will get a significant boost in 2020 due to advancement in various technologies which is further aided by faster 5G networks. Cloud technology also offers incredible security & ease of data access & storage. Mobile applications can use these features to run on the cloud which eliminates the worry of the app crashing due to hardware or software issues. So, cloud computing & allied services can be easily used by enterprises to make apps that are lightweight & easy to use.

No Code & Low Code Development

Low code & No-code mobile application development platforms offer incredible value to application developers. Since most of the coding part of an app is handled by the platforms, developers can make an app better by focusing on its core functionalities as well as design elements. This app development trend will certainly benefit the mobile app industry 2020 resulting in reduced app development costs & faster app deployment times.

These are 5 prominent mobile app development trends that companies should look out for in 2020 as they will witness immense utilization to drive business growth.

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